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May-June 2018 Dance Class Schedule
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Classes Location Day Time
Salsa Beginner 1 Edgett Studio Sunday
Salsa Beginner 3 Edgett Studio Sunday 2:15-3:15
Salsa Advanced 4 Citadel Comm. Centre Thursday 7:00-8:00
*Special Topics: Bachata Romantica for Dancers 2 Citadel Comm. Centre Thursday 8:15-9:15

*All-new Classes!

Special Topics Classes
It's time for some extra-curricular fun, y'all.

Bachata Romantica for Dancers 2
In Junior High School, there are "fast dances" and "slow dances." Well, salsa is our fast dance and bachata is our slow dance. Bachata is sensual, like a bubble bath with rose petals. Bachata is suave, like James Bond after a haircut. Bachata is coming your way in the upcoming session, like, in less than a week.

That's Bachata. The "Romantica" part means emphasis on the close-quarters leading and following. This is where the magic happens--the sexy body rolls, styling, and dips. Romantica movement is smooth, fluid, and organic, with an underlying structure to allow for cohesive leading and following.

The "for Dancers" portion means an accelerated pace. This course builds (quickly) on the ground we gained last term. We'll be adding texture to our two current ranges and introducing the third. Oh boy.

Prerequisite: Recent completion of Bachata Romantica for Dancers 1,
or comparable experience (instructor approval required)

Thursday classes will begin on April 26.
Sunday classes begin on May 6.


Unless otherwise indicated:

Session Duration:
seven weeks
Class Length:
one hour

Classes can fill up prior to the first class. Use Advance Registration if you'd like to secure your spot.

Session Cost: All classes are available for an investment of
- $90 (first time),
- $45 (repeat*), or
- $20 (revisit**).

All prices include 15% HST.

*The "repeat" status applies to students who are repeating a level immediately after the first time through, or with a maximum of one session off in between.

**Students may also "revisit" any level they've already repeated, should they wish to review its material.

One-hour private lessons are available:
- $50/single
- $75/couple
- $125/group of four

Also available:

  Ready to join in on the fun, friends, and fitness? We have a couple of options available to help you join a class.

Classes can fill up quickly. Skip the line-up with online registration. It's your sure-fire way to secure your spot in class.

  Similar to online registration, the next best way to secure your spot in class is to do it in person. To set up an appointment to register in person, just email us at dan.cin@halifaxsalseros.com and we'll look forward to getting you registered.




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